An Atlas of the Imaging of the Paranasal Sinuses. 2nd edition

Dr. Lalitha Shankar and Kate Evans
Informa Healthcare

The American Roentgen Ray Society (ARRS)
  Founded in 1900, is the first and oldest radiology society in the United States. The society has been a forum for progress in radiology since shortly after the discovery of the X-ray and is dedicated to the goal of the advancement of medicine through the science of radiology and its allied sciences.
Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR)
  The Canadian Association of Radiologists was co-founded in 1937, by Drs. William Jones, Léo Pariseau, Howard Pirie and Gordon Richards.
As the national specialty society for diagnostic radiology, the CAR is recognized both within and without the medical profession as the official voice of Canadian radiology.
The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM)
  AIUM was officially established as a multidisciplinary organization in 1952 when the use of ultrasound for medical diagnosis was in its infancy. Medical pioneers recognized the potential of this fast-growing imaging modality and agreed on the need to advance the art and science of ultrasound in medicine and research.
Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)
  The mission of the RSNA is to promote and develop the highest standards of radiology and related sciences through education and research. The Society seeks to provide radiologists and allied health scientists with educational programs and materials, and to constantly improve the content and value of these educational activities.
  AuntMinnie provides a forum for radiologists, business managers, technologists, members of organized medicine, and industry to meet, transact, research, and collaborate on topics within the field of radiology with the ease and speed. The staff of AuntMinnie includes executives, editors, and software engineers with years of experience in the radiology industry.
Imaging of the Head and Neck
  By: Dr. Lalitha Shankar
Dr. Azra Khan
Dr.G. Cheung
Combines anatomy, radiologic images, illustrations, algorithms, case reviews and differntials to help accurately diagnose and effectively manage common and rare neck disorders. More than just an atlas, this practical guide provides complete, up-to-date information so that the reader can reach an appropriate diagnosis in the most cost-effective manner. After determining the location of a head or neck mass, the reader can compare it to images in the text, and work through its differential diagnosis. Helpful images, tables, and case presentatiions help clarify the decison-making process and confirm diagnosis.